Vision for Foodblazer

If you are food entrepreneur, Foodblazer is for you.

If you are one of the thousands of food entrepreneurs all over the country, you know that a good food business is easy to start but hard to scale. It's hard to figure out how, when, and whether to move from the farmers' market to a commercial kitchen or a co-packer or whether to keep your margins healthier by staying in direct sales and local retail. It's tough to set price points, hire help, find the right packaging, and get on the grocery shelf. Successful food businesses require partnerships with retailers, distributors, brokers, designers, sales and marketing teams, lawyers, and more. It's hard to manage everything as an early-stage business, because there is so much you don't yet know.

That's where Foodblazer comes in.

Food business owners need targeted, actionable, and dependable information to meet business milestones and succeed in a crowded marketplace.

Your chance at success improves exponentially with access to foundational business, finance, marketing, sales, operations, and legal knowledge. That's what we're aiming to provide, in an affordable, bite-sized, location-agnostic way. Not everyone can commit to the travel, cost, and time it takes to participate in an accelerator program, and not everyone can qualify for or find an incubator program. But everyone is welcome here, and much of the information on this site will be free to all.

Currently, Foodblazer (formerly Good Food Boom) is a small prototype website focused on the legal elements of a good food business.

But here's what's next:

1) Longer term, building a program that touches every area of a food business. Currently, the information and tools available here are focused on the legal aspects of running a food business. While critically important, everyone knows that legal isn't the number one priority of any entrepreneur. So Foodblazer will be expanding to touch every important business area, including finance, marketing, operations, sales, investment, and more. 

2) Shorter term, we'll be testing carefully crafted food entrepreneur tools, programs, and more. If you'd like access to the early beta versions of these products (likely at a discount), sign up for our newsletter because test products will be available only to Foodblazer subscribers. We'll use this beta test to gather feedback and ideas for future topics.

At the end of the day, the purpose of Foodblazer is to democratize access to specialized information that will help your food business succeed. We are leveling the playing field for all entrepreneurs in order to encourage the types of food businesses that support healthy families, sustainable agriculture production, and a better standard of living for everyone.

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